to the easidream® baby sleep system™, helping ease your baby's transition from womb to world.

The easidream® can be used from birth in almost any cot and helps your baby establish a healthy sleep pattern by closely mimicking certain sensations from the womb and recreating these within the cot.


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The easidream® has a timer for up to 40 minutes and a choice of 2 speed settings, one in time with mum’s resting heartbeat and a slower speed setting that can be used for weaning off at a later stage.

The platform is pneumatically powered so there are no worries about anything electrical being in the cot. In the early stages of your baby’s life easidream® can even be used with a Moses basket. You just place the basket directly on top..what could be simpler?!

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EasiDream Wall Picture

We thought it was ‘top priority’ to submit the soothing system for extensive operational trials and these were carried out by the medical team at the University of Brighton School of Nursing and Midwifery.

They independently recruited babies to take part in the trials over a two week period, videoing and recording the baby’s responses on the easidream® soothing platform. This was an incredibly nervous time as it really was make or break for the product, but after months of waiting for the report the fantastic news that the easidream® had passed with flying colours was announced!

The most impressive result was that average crying time was reduced from 18 minutes to less than 1 minute on the easidream® and that all babies who took part in the trials remained safely and happily settled on their backs. In some cases the time taken to settle to sleep was often reduced by 90%... now that really is something all parents dream of!!

It was further shown that the easidream® is extremely effective at encouraging babies to self settle and those that didn’t drift off to sleep, remained happy and content on their backs.

Click here  to read the University of Brighton research on the easidream® baby sleep system.

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  • "When settling to sleep on the easidream® parents reported their babies seemed happier than when settling to sleep in a non-moving cot at home. The average crying time (for all babies) when using the easidream® was less than one minute"

    University of Brighton Research
  • "I was pleasantly surprised how well my son settled when he tried easidream®; it calms and relaxes him so he gently drifts off to sleep"

    Valerie from Havant
  • "My daughter fell asleep within a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing. I would totally recommend easidream® to anyone with a baby that needs help at to settle at bedtime"

    Louise from Chichester
  • "James has always been a contented baby but was restless at bedtime in his cot. However, after James had slept on the easidream® we noticed an immediate change in his sleeping pattern… no more periods of restlessness and broken sleep. We would recommend an easidream® to any parent who needs a comfortable nights sleep, not only for their baby, but for themselves too"

    Amanda from Portsmouth


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